Dating a busy attorney

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So successful marriages do consistently what average marriages do occasionally. And that’s why the structure of these books are simple short chapters.So you can even peruse the table of contents and go, OK, these are the five topics that are really tough for us, so we’re just going to work on those til they become a habit. We’re so crazy busy today, we’re not taking the time to develop those habits that love each other well. And - but one of them is - three keys to unlock the door to intimacy in marriage, which is - I think is such an important one. But it leads to neglecting our spouse, and we become the two proverbial ships that pass in the night.And maybe for you, wives, you’re thinking OK, I’ve maybe slacked off a bit loving my husband the way he needs to be loved. Well, Markand Susan are the founders of Family First, which is on mission to provide parenting and marriage and relational truth to help you love your family well. But we met - actually, I remember seeing her, ultimately, at the sorority house. I shared those with her, and then I had to start letting go all these other things that were maybe a one, two or three and focus on the eight, nines and 10s.

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And we can tend to not water, as husbands, water that rose.And so we are only able to love our spouses well if we love God well. Sometimes, we don’t want to tread into those waters because now I’m aware of what the need of my spouse is.So ultimately, what I found creates the greatest intimacy, the greatest joy in our relationship that has even, just in the last year, has gone deeper for us, is just to be reading God’s Word together. We’re reading the Psalms together and the joy of the Lord and what God is doing in our lives and then praying together with one another. Do you ever encounter fear that if I do that then I’m accountable to deliver? I would say if that’s where you are, if that’s what you’re feeling right now, conquer it now because, you know, your highest calling in your marriage is to be one.And we, as guys, let’s face it, we want to be talked to in that way.Jim, Jim, let me kind of take us to a deeper level on this answer because I could give you some superficial answers. Uh, but if I’m going to - how do I love Susan well?

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