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Marcia seemed to be the perfect daughter on the show, but once the show ended she admitted to selling herself to fuel her drug habit.Mc Cormick admitted to sleeping with her dealer and said, “I did it only a few times — and always for the same reason: I wanted coke.” She went on to say, "If there was coke, I had to stay up and do every last flake even if it meant going without sleep for days," she wrote.However, when she was got married to Mike her name was changed to Carol Martin.This sneaky ploy was likely done deliberately to help support the idea that Carol was actually divorced, not widowed. It was a very taboo idea during the decade when the show aired.With an alcoholic as a father, Florence was lucky to have a mother who was determined to give her a better life and attributes that to her professional success.It’s known that Robert Reed was homosexual, but for a long time, he resented himself for it.This resentment led to mental meltdowns, fights, as well as secret and unsafe hookups with men.

According to Susan Olsen, she and Mike Lookinland would have impromptu make-out sessions in Tiger’s doghouse when they were just nine years old!With their white picket fence and perfectly synchronized moves, The Brady Bunch seemed like the picture-perfect family on the iconic sitcom from 1969 until 1974.However, when the show ended, this peppy TV family’s carefully hidden secrets were revealed.As it turns out, Reed was a classically-trained actor who graduated from the Royal Academy of the Dramatic Art in London.Before landing the role as Mike Brady, Reed starred in the critically-acclaimed legal drama The Defenders.

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