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He focused on resurrecting the Glover's final addition to the property?

Peacocks, a species not native to the area, in case you were wondering.

Glover is so angry about the situation that he is apparently writing a book about propaganda in which he will directly address the situation with the movie, saying that it’s "provable that he [Bob Gale] lied" and that the book will prove it.

Glover felt the ending to Back to the Future was an implicit statement that money equals happiness.

The 17th-century Renaissance-style chateau, dubbed Zamek Konarovice, which translates to Konarovice Chateau or Konarovice Castle ("but I don't generally call it a castle," Glover says), is not a vacation home or a real estate investment for the 53-year-old bachelor, whose main residence is in Silver Lake, California. World on STARZ's , when he had the idea to purchase a place to build his own sets for future films.

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It’s one of those things you don’t notice watching the movie as a kid in the 1980’s but only rewatching it later.

So he took to the internet: "I went on e Bay and found different vintage Sherle Wagner faucets and sinks.

Because I was buying so many I would buy them almost in bulk, and sometimes they weren't perfectly matching, but the plumbers were able to put them together, and it was a good way to do it relatively inexpensive and to make it look opulent."Many of the larger pieces of furniture were acquired locally at bazaars, and Glover used a movable property contract purchased after he bought the chateau to acquire other items: These included certain pieces of furniture that had belonged to Count Harrach at a different property which he owned.

There's still a missing person's case open for her."A limited number of antiques came with the purchase of the property. During the Communist era, the entire chateau was pillaged.

"That just wasn't enough though," Glover says. I've seen pictures—there was actually just a chandelier and one piece of furniture left."When it came to decorating an unfurnished 17-bedroom castle, Glover was at a loss.

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