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SDX also offers the ability to manage IP addresses, and SSL certificates, from SDX, rather than from inside the VPX instance.The SDX Management Service does not have the ability to create certificates, so it’s probably best to do that from within the VPX instance.Once the instance is created, use normal firmware upgrade procedures.

Admin profiles specify the nsroot user credentials for the instances.Backup Files to backup or restore the SDX appliance’s configuration. You can configure the number of retained backups by clicking System on the left, and then clicking Backup Policy in the right pane.You can even transfer the backup files to an external system.To achieve HA, you create Net Scaler VPX instances on two separate SDXs, and pair the VPX instances in the normal fashion.Why Net Scaler VPX on top of SDX instead of normal hypervisors? Note: Xen Server IP and Management Service IP must be on the same subnet.

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