Consolidating email

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However, the message reveals little quoted text, so who knows exactly what you wrote three months ago. Windows 10 developers must have had this situation in mind when they made grouping conversations the default in Mail for Windows 10, but some users prefer not to use the conversation feature.

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However, in all other respects, it functions like other email programs—you can send and receive email, make folders for grouping related emails, flag and archive messages.We constantly jump in and out of apps instead of through tabs.If you’re trying to be productive from your phone, this can sometimes be cumbersome.Plus you can set up reminders within your inbox and intelligently pull mail content like photos and plane tickets into a schedule so essentially your whole day is laid out in front of you.Note: Inbox by Gmail doesn’t technically include full calendar capabilities like the other apps, but from the way it organizes your inbox to its advanced reminders and snoozing options, your emails end up turning into a calendar of their own.

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