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Probably the comedian that comes the closest would be Marc Maron who had a similarly rough life (though mostly AFTER his childhood) and frequently bares his soul to the world through his stand-up routines and his WTF podcast, on which he did in fact interview Christopher (one of the show’s better episodes in my opinion).The first time I ever heard Christopher’s comedy was when Norman Rockwell is Bleeding had aired on Comedy Central’s Secret Stash* which was (or maybe still is, I have no idea) a block of time around midnight or one in the morning on the weekends that would show movies and stand-up specials with the bad language intact, not to mention Girls Gone Wild commercials.I don’t know if there was any intentional allusions here to that special, but I honestly hope there wasn’t as it really puts things in perspective about how these concerns will always be with us no matter how much the world either gets better or gets worse.

However, there’s no denying that Fox is a network known for killing shows off early, and it was green-lit by Sandy Grunshow right before Gail Berman took over as president, so (as is the case with a lot of show that got killed early) there was probably little love for it in once the new President came in.

Titus on the other hand felt like sincere in everything it did, even if the demands of dramatic storytelling (and early 2000s television) meant things had to be a bit exaggerated and slightly cleaned up compared to his stand-up comedy.

Christopher has said several times that he regrets the way this show came to an end, due not only to the fact that the show didn’t reach enough episodes for syndication (that’s where the REAL money would have been), but because he hears from people all the time who felt a real connection to those characters and it helped them through some rough times in their lives. Norman Rockwell is Bleeding [DVD/Audio] This is the one that started it all and frankly is still his best work to date.

It had an AMAZING cast that was magnetic to watch in every episode (Stacy Keach as Christopher’s dad and Zack Ward as his brother Dave are the highlights for me) and it took risks by trying to find humor in the darkest of places. Not really as some of the stances the show took are cringe worthy nowadays (the No Means No episode doesn’t sit to well with me) but it never felt like anything less than what was the sum total of his life experiences and him trying to do right by his friends, family, and the people who could relate to their struggles.

The only other show I can compare it too is Lucky Louie, but even that was more of satire than anything else (dirty and grungy premise anachronistically presented in the traditional Three Camera sitcom style) which kept the situations from feeling real or authentic.

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