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I sprayed two spritz of Anthracite under my neck and two spritz of what I thought was 2017 Eau Sauvage Parfum on my right hand. Driving back in the car, I kept smelling a wonderful mélange of warm, spicy scents wafted toward me in the vented AC air.

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I was in love and decided I had to buy both the Anthracite and the Eau Sauvage Parfum the next day.

Eau Sauvage Parfum is dark, mature, daring, elegant and sexy. I've stocked up on the 2012 verison since it's been discontinued. Then this will be my all ocassion, day/night, casual/formal scent.

It is a high quality niche scent in a designer label. The reformulation smells quite similar to the 2012 Version but has more citrus at the top and is more versatile. Scent: 9/10 Performance: 10/10 Versatility: 8/10 (although people see it as formal, suit and tie fragrance, for me it is ok for any ocassion. I was expecting for this one to be closer to the original vintage version, but it has only a hint of what the original was.

One of those bottles is from a 2016 batch which is a bit darker with less opening citrus blast than the 2012 vintage. What a man is ought to smell like, in the simplest of terms and so very few notes. Buy one bottle immediately, You don't know what you are missing. The warmth that engulfs my senses when I smell this is too good for words. Thick and a little smoky in the best way imaginable.

In both vintages, the citrus at the beginning comes on moderately, then decays within the first thirty or forty minutes, leaving behind a warm effervescent myrrh. Has very little in common with Eau Sauvage, and thank heavens both the longevity and sillage of the Parfum are unforgiving and relentless. Your skin will warm the myrrh and you will experience a full journey of a note that will transform and transform for 6 hours straight. Every time I come back to him, he impresses me again and again. I finished my last bottle 2 years ago (I used 4 in a row). Because I used it to much and begun to get bored of the strong citrus opening. I love the way the myrrh peeps through at the end only after the bergamot and vetiver have had their due time in the limelight. It definitely smells more expensive than it is and has the longevity of the energizer bunny in a coca field. Fragrance -Eau Sauvage Parfum Christian Dior Bottle from - 2016 Eau Sauvage Parfum reminds me of a mysterious gentleman of the night,who knows how to steal a woman's heart. Longevity - 10/10(10 hours) Silage/Projection - 9/10(excellent projection and silage for the first 3-4 hours) Weather - best in and early spring,autumn and winter Age - 30 Compliments - 8/10 Scent - 9/10 Main notes according to me - myrrh,vetiver,bergamot.

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