Chilli dating tlc

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I think he’s cute to look at, but I don’t know if I want to put him in my system.

What was the best piece of dating advice you were able to take away from the experience?

“They’ve been seeing each other for about two months,” said our insider. Everyone approves.” The source added, “She’s going to be at [Cannon’s show] ‘America’s Got Talent’ with his mom [Tuesday night].” Cannon has even started letting Chilli braid his hair, we hear.

“She really likes him and they’re spending a lot of time together. Cannon was flattered by initial rumors he was dating the singer.

I didn’t know I cared until I saw this headline and squealed a little bit inside, which was a surprise because I always thought I was holding out hope for an Usher/ Chilli reunion.

You always have to try to reinvent yourself, but you don’t change the great quality of why people love you.

So I would say that it will be different because you won’t hear our sister on there, but as far as the messages and what we stand for and what she stood for, that will be carried on.

There are a lot of men, including celebrity men, who can’t handle stuff like that. Speaking of TLC, what’s coming up for you musically? These days, you have to do it a lot differently than you did it even five years ago.

I just want a guy that is secure with himself and is not intimidated by what I do and how I can provide for myself, because I don’t need a man for that nor have I ever looked for a man to just take care of me. Well, T-Boz and I have a tour locked down that we’re doing in Japan and Malaysia. The music industry has changed so, so much, which makes me thankful that we came out when we came out. I feel bad for some new artists, I really do, because the deals are very different. And unfortunately, you can lose the whole quality of a great artist in how things are today. Before, you’d see so many artists who were just superstars, who really had what it takes to entertain people and make people feel like ”Wow, I can’t wait to pay for this CD because I know I’m going to get my money’s worth.” Now that you have downloading and stuff, it’s all about singles.

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