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The Cinque Terre region of Italy on the Italian Riviera is one of the hottest in Italian travel now.

I never knew that of course — it was just fate that I met my husband in one of the villages over a decade ago.

Bianca's attention to detail and up-to-date travel information makes trip planning a breeze.

Having everything in one easy guide saves so much time and is hassle free -- well worth the investment.

We share decades’ worth of experience and believe our product is world-class and actionable. Watch the videos, listen to the audio, or read the written guides. We get so many questions from our tour clients asking for recommended resources, and up until now we could never recommend an all-in-one solution for their Italy trip. Right now, when you’re traveling you can use apps or a paper guidebook or read blog posts and forums. And unless they come with an audiobook version, there’s no “listening and learning” while you do other things (like drive to work).

It was a hodgepodge of blog posts and the odd city guide app we liked. We’re a picky bunch of overachievers — can you tell? There are city guide apps out there, but nothing this in-depth and absolutely nothing that gives you pre-travel advice specific to Italy.

Italian-born Olga Morselli has spent the last 15 years visiting every part of this gorgeous region and passionately helping travelers find the very best Tuscan villas and accommodations and sharing with them ideas for wonderful local activities and itineraries.

Her contribution to Gigi Guides will help you navigate Florence, Chianti and other areas of Tuscany and help you find your own slice of the Tuscan sun. I’m Bianca and I’m the founder of Gigi Guides and Italian Fix, our sister company.

I’ve trusted her recommendations multiple times and she’s helped me create memories I’ll treasure for life. For a fraction of the cost of traveling with me, you can take my personal recommendations — things that have taken me years to find — to plan your own dream trip to Italy.

My Cinque Terre advice has been read by hundreds of thousands of people across the web and I’ve packaged my latest tips for Gigi readers. For very specific guidance (about parenting, haircuts or relationships) you have certain go-to friends, right?

Friends who have an aesthetic and joie de vivre that you aspire to.

Her guidance, expertise and inside information on Italy is far beyond anything I’ve seen. Each year my team and I give advice to thousands of people through emails and comments on Italian

She’s helped me craft extraordinary trips to Italy and I keep going back for more, more, more! Stop overthinking and wasting time trying to piece together the right trip from people you don’t know, or hope you’ll get lucky with outdated info. When I saw the stats from one single blog post I wrote about the Cinque Terre — over 500 comments and 20,000 views per month — I knew something had to be done.

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