Catholic dating in an oversexed world

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As Mark progressed in recovery, his confidence grew and he began to feel better about himself. By working with his therapist, reading books of Catholic dating and talking to married men in his men’s ministry group, he learned a lot about healthy relationships.

He joined a Catholic young adult group and got to know the women in it better. As he got more comfortable with them he asked a woman out for coffee.

Realizing this problem, he sought professional help.

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In this article, I focus on intimacy in romantic relationships.

If you struggle with confidence in relating to women, first try being friends with them.

Daily ask the Lord to strengthen your confidence with women. Find married men who are good role models for being a good husband.

Fact is when women discover a man who truly loves and respects them, they view him as a real “catch.” Mark now knows the secret to having a healthy relationship and looks forward to finding the woman God has planned to be his wife.

The secret to healthy intimacy in a dating relationship is simple: avoid pornography and focus on respecting women.

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