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This is perfect when you want to feel clean, fresh and relaxed. That was until maybe the close of the Victorian era...?Things compartmentalized in the twentieth century...until CKOne.

Perfect for work as it sophisticated but light, but also perfect an evening out for cocktails in the summer sun with a sexy black dress on. It exploded among the 18-25 age group in my city and you couldn't go to a 'young' bar or club without catching a refreshing waft of the stuff.So people who wore this all the time as teens are in their late twenties to their late thirties and if you think a twenty-nine year old is a geezer, may the universe take pity on you in your own 'dotage'!This is a safe scent, not as eye-watering as it once was.Despite it sitting close to the skin after 7 hours and people having to lean in to get the scent, I still received warm compliments --- even from a complete stranger.I don't know if I applied it a bit more liberally this morning, but I got good positive feedback from colleagues and got an overall average of 7/10 on an experimental survey I carried out.

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