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To troubleshoot scan engine update issues on the AEM server To troubleshoot scan engine update issues on the remote server, first use Windows Explorer to determine if the signature update files exist in the following folder: C:\Windows\Temp\Sybari Cache If the files exist, they were successfully downloaded to the remote system, and the problem may be occurring during the Get Engine Files process on the remote system.To troubleshoot Get Engine Files problems on the remote system, review these Knowledge Base (KB) articles: When both AEM and Antigen are scheduled to download updates at the same time, you may receive the following error message in the Application Event Log.

The Windows operating system sends any error messages that you receive when connecting to the remote server.

However, you can disconnect immediately by shutting down Microsoft. On the AEM server, verify that the directories exist and have the proper permissions, and verify that Message Queuing is installed.

Also check the Application Event log for errors, and check DCOM connectivity on the AEM server.

To create a signature redistribution job If you have scheduled the signature redistribution job, it will start automatically at the scheduled time.

If it has not been scheduled or if you want to download the latest signatures immediately after you create a signature distribution job (rather than wait for the scheduled start time), follow the steps below.

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