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— Rathbun claims he warned Ron against the “moral propriety” of writing a tell-all about his own son.— Rathbun says he counseled Ron that if he wanted to keep his family intact, he wouldn’t “cavort” with “people who are actively attacking Scientology.” — Because Ron turned down Rathbun’s offer of help, the book is “chock-full of hearsay, double hearsay, and anonymous hearsay.” — Rathbun says Ron avoids blaming himself for his own role in producing the person David Miscavige is today. Ron Hubbard for making Dave aggressive and a complainer.The book came out in May and describes how Ron Miscavige introduced his son, church leader David Miscavige, to Scientology in 1969 as they looked for a solution to the 9-year-old’s asthma.The entire family eventually got into Scientology and moved to England to pursue courses and so David could become an auditor.It’s been fascinating watching Marty’s website change over time.Initially, he appeared to be the leader of a new movement of “independent Scientologists” who blamed Miscavige for ruining what they believed had been a thriving and more benevolent organization under founder L. But later, Rathbun increasingly found fault with Hubbard himself, and we watched with interest as his comments section became something of a war zone between more and less doctrinaire “indies.” Eventually, on February 3, 2015, Rathbun produced a remarkable post he titled “Scientology Beliefs.” In it, he reduced Scientology to a mix of “pop psychology and hypnotism” that was so ineffective, it couldn’t even measure up to a placebo effect.So Rathbun isn’t the first to be disappointed with Ruthless.

In particular, Rathbun denounced Scientology leader David Miscavige daily, and as a result Rathbun soon became the focus of a campaign of retaliation by the church with a group of private investigators and other operatives that lasted for at least five years.Rathbun’s decision to go public with his insider information about Miscavige made him a media star.He was the centerpiece of the Tampa Bay Times’ massive 2009 series, “The Truth Rundown,” he was the subject of countless print and video interviews, and he is one of the central figures of three feature-length documentaries (Channel Four’s Scientologists at War, HBO’s Going Clear, and Louis Theroux’s upcoming My Scientology Movie).Petersburg Times to interview to paint a glowing portrait of Dave and his upbringing.In the course of that effort, Ron admitted to him that he had “beat the hell” out of his son and felt guilty for it.

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