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For more accurate information, please refer to the official SSS online inquiry website where you can find specific detailed report regarding your SSS concerns.

As a tip, it is best to access SSS at night or visit my SSS website guide when there is fewer people trying to access there.

But what if your store managed to sell only 300 for the day?

You get 50 and that means you're getting almost 17% of your total sales for the day!

You see, your customers are not from another planet that does not know the actual price of each item you sell because, they too, know the market where your supplies come from! they simply won't have a choice as of that moment and 2.

If you're unsure, you can still buy these items if you have extra cash and provided that these items can be put on the shelf for a longer period without risking its quality.

But if you are in a community with competitors, then I suggest that you Normally, you should pen 2 to 5 pesos for each item that are often sold such as softdrinks, and 5 to 20 pesos for items that can stay on the shelf for a longer period such as liquors, canned goods, and soap.

The starting capital for a store is around five to twenty thousand pesos, depending on your budget and the size of your store.

Accessing clogs sometimes causes the website to go offline and servers to fail.

There are quite a number of articles out there on how to put up a Sari-sari store, but I haven't found one yet that actually contains practical and applicable know-hows on how to manage the business itself.

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