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A mix of a weakened economy, the growth of free tube sites, and an ongoing battle with online piracy crippled the Hollywood-style studio system of the '70s, '80s and '90s.

According to Rios, reports of porn's death were premature.

The suite had an AVN-branded bowling lane and a giant, raised en-suite bath.

I had the strange sensation of being on the defunct set of an MTV reality show now serving as the late-night playground for porn's biggest stars.

Anyway, I'd come to Vegas to find the future of porn, and while I was pretty sure this wasn't it, I was ready for my demo.

I was introduced to Alexis Monroe, who would be transformed into my own private hologram performer.

Like Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook, porn's new heavyweights aren't content creators first but social-networking platforms.In talking about the hologram and the company's more practical pursuit of 360-degree live video, CEO Daron Lundeen employs the Silicon Valley cliché, "fail fast, fail often.""We're the site that's gonna experiment," Lundeen told me."If you got a new idea, a new technology that's out there, we want to grab it, and try it, and use it."Compared to other, more established cam sites, like AEE title sponsor My Free and Chaturbate, Cam Soda's booth is relatively small, but no less kinetic.He took us up to the "Real World" suite, where a 2011 season of the MTV show was shot.As we walked the halls, Rios hinted at the party that had happened there the night before.

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