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In keeping with this teaching of the Scriptures and the doctors, the Council of Trent defined; "If anyone say that without the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and without His aid a man can repent in the way that is necessary for obtaining the grace of justification, let him be anathema." (c) Universal The Council of Trent defined that real contrition includes "a firm purpose of not sinning in the future"; consequently he who repents must resolve to avoid all sin.

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Ezechiel insists that a man must "turn from his evil ways" if he wish to live.

This sorrow of soul is not merely speculative sorrow for wrong done, remorse of conscience, or a resolve to amend; it is a real pain and bitterness of soul together with a hatred and horror for sin committed; and this hatred for sin leads to the resolve to sin no more. Augustine includes both when writing: "Compunctus corde non solet dici nisi stimulus peccatorum in dolore pœnitendi" (P. "A sin is committed by the consent, so it is blotted out by the dissent of the rational will; hence contrition is essentially sorrow.

This detestation presupposes a knowledge of the heinousness of sin, and this knowledge begets sorrow and pain of soul.

(d) Sovereign The Council of Trent insists that true contrition includes the firm will never to sin again, so that no mater what evil may come, such evil must be preferred to sin. These, inasmuch as they are by God's institution required in the penitent for the integrity of the sacrament and for the full and perfect remission of sin, are for this reason called parts of penance. Nor is this strange, for in the Old Covenant there was some way of recovering God's grace once man had sinned.

To both questions they answered in the negative, judging that an act of sorrow which implicitly included all his sins would be sufficient. "The (quasi) matter of this sacrament consists of the acts of the penitent himself, namely, contrition, confession, and satisfaction. Since the act of perfect contrition implies necessarily this same love of God, theologians have ascribed to perfect contrition what Scripture teaches belongs to charity.

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