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supervisors are there to manage the teams, they do not deal with the systems on a day to day basis, so are not up to date with how things work when you call FAO (136150) tell them you want to confirm that you are CCB current for that child.ask them to confirm child CRN and DOB on the system (to ensure no mistakes), to check your current percentage, and to reissue you the letter with your entitlement on it.On it you had to put the Child Care that you are wanting or sending your child to including there centre number.I think it took 3 weeks as DS started in July which was just as the new financial yr started I recieved a letter giving me the % of CCB I was entitled too.Otherwise, if they don't, you'll need to phone or email FTDNA help desk/support to get it done.I had two tests like this, with some elderly relatives who apparently forgot to include (or even do!

A new customer in one of my projects is showing with No Release Form. It doesn't seem logical for FTDNA to do that, without giving new instructions on how to fix the problem. The answer was no (as in not at this moment), and it was not along the lines that the feature would never be available again. There was nothing stating how NOT signing the release would affect either account. If you desire, you can use some alias for their name that would show in their profile.If you haven't got this I would be asking FAO for the letter and/or questioning whether they have fully assessed your entitlement hence the reason the day-care don't have it in their system. Hansie You should have received a letter from centrelink stating that you are elligable for CCB, what hours and what rate if you have been assessed. If you don't have this letter, then someone at centrelink hasn't processed your request.I am a director, and this happens alot, centrelink tell families over the phone that all is set up, yet when the centre tries to enrol the child, the enrolement won't process because it hasn't been.Sorry if you have already done all this and I haven't been of much help.You should though have got a letter with your % entitlement which you can take to your day-care to prove your entitlement.

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