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Blaze's verse is unbelievably good & Esham sticks to the hook, which is probably for the best since both ABK's verses & Blaze's are untouchable on here. The beat is SICK & this is another in-depth performance from Killa. Contact Preferred Stock Channel; Meet Our Editorial Staff.Whether you’ve experienced fire, water, wind or other damage, your home or business isn’t the same, and your life has been turned upside down. So yeah, definitely an album worth adding to your Psy. On great thing about ABK and AMB that people don't like, is that they can sing. It's still a good song it just doesn't have many replays.4.

All viewers agree that under no circumstances will BNK Invest, Inc,.

Another good lyrical performance & the hook is pretty hard too. Also another low-budget video of this is featured on Road Fools.

2 Whom This May Concern - Really good ending track. Like sombody said before it sounds like a mix of "Nothing's Left" & "I'm Alright".

Definitely not as bad as alot of juggalos make it out to be...

5/5So, overall, I'm not gonna say this was better than HW, but I still liked it.

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